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çThe Rittman Police department  was formed in 1833 as a Constables’ office,then a Marshals’ office and now a City Police Department. Over the years we have had as many as 10 full time officers.  Currently, we employ 8 full time officers, 10 part time officers, 3 full time communications officers and 6 part time communications officers.
We have strived to always have up to date equipment, staying current on  technological advances, in the science of law enforcement, that help us keep Rittman a safe place to live and work.
We are staffed 24 hours a day , 7 days a week including all holidays.

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Patrol Officer & Communications Officer Of The Year 2016

Officer Derek Miller & Communications Officer Tom Urbanek 

 Two accomplished officers were voted ‘Officers of the Year’ by their peers at The Rittman Police Department for 2016.

Officer Derek Miller is a five year veteran of The Rittman Police Department. Miller is a Crisis Intervention Officer, IMPACT Team member and SWAT Team member. He exemplifies the high standards of our department with his willingness to follow every case to its conclusion. He is an expert at maintaining a friendly and businesslike approach to enforcing the law and protecting the citizens of Rittman. We are proud to have Derek Miller as our latest full time member of RPD and our Officer Of The Year for 2016.

Communications Officer Tom Urbanek is a seasoned veteran with over two decades of experience as a Patrol & Communications Officer. He has training and experience that brings a voice of calm and reason to many of the thousands of calls for service and emergencies that come in to RPD dispatch. Our Officers and Citizens appreciate Tom’s abilities as well as his friendly attitude.

The Officers of the Rittman Police Department are honored to have these two Officers as our “Top Cops” for 2016.

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